why are beluga whales suited to life in the Arctic ?

beluga whales in arctic

Beluga whales- are small, toothed whales. Their whitish color fools their enemies. Animals like polar bears and killer whales who live both above and below the water think that they are seeing a chuck of ice instead of a whale!
Belugas are also known as 'sea canaries' because of their songs and chatter, which can even be heard above the water. Their songs are also used to communicate with other belugas. Belugas produce many different sounds, like clicks, squeals and whistles.

Belugas live in frigid Arctic and Sub-Arctic waters, but some populations migrate south to warmer water in the summer. They use a process called echo location to locate their bottom dwelling prey, to find breathing holes in the Arctic ice sheet, and to navigate in deep, dark waters. In echolocation, a high pitched sound is sent out by the whale. The sound bounces off the object and some of the sound waves return to the whale. The whale interprets this returning echo to determine the object's shape, direction, distance and texture.
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