What do we know about Mercury?

What do we know about Mercury?

Mercury Facts
Distance from the Sun: 57.9million km
Equatorial Diameter:4875Km
Surface tempareture: -180*C to 430*C
Rotation Period: 58.6 Earth Days
Orbital Period : 88 Earth Days
Number of Moons:0

The planet Mercury is named after the Roman messenger of the gods, because it moves around the Sun faster than all other planets in our solar system. Since Mercury is so close to the Sun, and has no atmosphere, its side towards the Sun is hot enough to melt anything. At the same time the other side of Mercury is deadly cold.

Mercury is only slightly bigger than Earth's Moon. But, its mass is four times that of the Moon, and it is the densest planet for its size. The density of this small planet is almost equal to that of the Earth. It has a massive core of solid iron that of the Earth. It has a massive core of solid iron that increases the planet's density. The core is surrounded by a mantle and thin crust of silicate.

mercury is airless and waterless. Its barren, rocky surface is blasted by solar radiation.

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