which are the bodies that make up our solar system?

Solar system

As we already know, our solar system is made up of sun, eight planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and meteoroids that move around it.

A planet is a heavenly body that revolves round the Sun. Our Earth is a planet. A moon or satellite is a heavenly body that revolves round a planet. The moon we see in the night sky is the satellite of our Earth. While the Earth has only one moon, Jupiter has 67 moons revolving round it.

In addition to the planets, there are the asteroids. they differ from the major planets, mainly in size. They are also called planeloads. Two others kinds of heavenly bodies are also there comets have a 'head' of bright glowing ' tail'.
Meteoroids are bits of solid rock like particles. Most of them were once parts of comets.

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