Why do we call the surface of Venus the deadly one?

Why do we call the surface of Venus the deadly one?

Venus appears to be a beautiful planet when seen from the Earth. However, its appearance is misleading. It's hot, thick atmosphere is deadly. It would bake you at 465*C; crush you ninety times harder than the air pressure on Earth; suffocate you with carbon dioxide gas; and dissolve you in sulphuric acid. Sulfur dioxide gas belches from erupting volcanoes, forming thick sulphuric acid rain clouds.

These sulphuric acid clouds lie upto 70 km above its surface. Below the clouds, the atmosphere consists almost entirely of carbon dioxide gas. Surface winds are gentle, but above the clouds, they cloak hundreds of kilometers per hour. As a result, the clouds whip around the planet in four Earth days. The planet itself takes 243 days to complete one rotation on its axis. Venus rotates from East to west; as do the clouds above it.

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