Why don't ants get hurt when they fall?

ant dont hurt when fall

The force of gravity pulls everything that is up in the air towards the Earth- and at the same time, air gives an upward thrust called 'lift' to flying bodies. A flying body falls to Earth when the force of gravity is stronger than the lift. In the case of ants, the lift is more or less equal to the force of gravity- in fact, if there is a wind blowing, an ant that is falling, will float away. From the ant's point of view, the very atmosphere itself is thick and viscous, and its experience of falling from a height is similar to ours when we fall through water to the bottom of a pool.

Morever, ants simply don't have enough weight and mass to cause them to hit the ground hard enough to suffer injury. So, if you pick up an ant and drop it from a height, you will see it happily scampering away after it hits the ground.

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