10 Best Horror and scary Novels and Stories you should read this year 2014

Here are the best Horror stories you should read this year.

1. The New D- Street
New D street

This Novel is based on the story of a Unknown street in the Down Valley. The story is about the curse given by the Neconn ( the old man in the story ). The story turns with many twists and deaths. The story revolves around the Walter the key role in the Novel. Antteak the strange creature in the story is the main Part. The novel has been written this year 2014 by Ravi Naik ( higgs.in ). You can buy this Novel Soon ....

Here are the top and best january released Novels 2014

  1. The Orphan Choir
  2. Simon Clark her Vamphire Heart
  3. Mayhem
  4. BlackBriar
  5. The Haunting Season
  6. Golem and the Jinni
  7. The Eye Unseen
  8. Witch House
  9. The Smell of Evil
  10. House of Bathory

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