What are the lines in our palmistry says

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Here is a basic about palmistry. Palmistry mainly contains three or four lines. What does that lines refers and they indicate.

Line  1 : HEART LINE :
What heart line indicates
The heart line is the major line that indicates our health, disease and heart problems. A heart line starting from anywhere will indicates a specify task. I will explain complete about heart line in my next article.

Line 2 : HEAD LINE :
What head line indicates

 A head line may start from jupiter and may end anywhere. A Head line indicates a person's ability, creativity and patience. Head line mainly indicates wisdom and art of doing ability

Line 3 : Life Line :
What life line indicates

A life line on the palm indicates the persons life span, threats road accidents, fire accidents and problems.

Line4: Fate Line :

What does a fate line indicates:
A fate line may or may not present. If it present it indicates the wealth and luck. If the fate line is absent we face may financial problems. Fate generally starts in between the three lines.

I will discuss elaborately about the lines in my next article.


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