Influence of Neptune mount on the palm

Neptune mount is present below the head line and above the mount of Moon.

Effects of Neptune on our life :

Since the Planet is far from our Earth it does not show its effect on one's life, even though the people who are influenced by this mount most of the influence by this planet cannot be seen in Normal life. The effect of this planets are Murder, Suicides and other threat obstacles which may or may not happen.

Lines regarding on the Neptune Mount : (Far Mount)

Many of the Astrologers says that the Neptune mount will actually bad effects on ones life, but the mount will be more influenced for writers, philosophers....

A Cross mark or line on the Neptune Mount :

it is said that a cross mark on the Neptune Mount will actually lead ones life into poverty, but when come to actual point it was not real. Since there need to check more line in order to execute a Poverty line. Since the Neptune has low effect the lines on this mount are of no use in person's real life.
After examining hundreds of hands I come to know one point; a cross line on this mount will actually means that the person will become a best computer operator, Software Engineer,Web Developer or Typist.

A star mark on the Neptune Mount :

A star mark on the Neptune mount that the person may commit murder or suicide in his life which mays his entire life go in vain. Note this shows its effect in ones life very rare. the influence of this mount is very very rare, so be cool. The lines may disappear soon..

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