What happens if you get bald head at teen age or early

What happens if you get bald head at teen age or early

2.What happens if you get bald head at teen age

Most of the boys worry if they are getting their hair off and starting bald age at teen age it does not mean that
they are getting old early. when come to clarity the boys who are getting bald at age of 16 are said to be most genius
persons,because we already know when human was in the starting formation(early man) they had hair on all the body, when they are started updating all the hair wiped off and left only on the head. This is because of climate conditions and mainly the improvement in knowledge. The main reason for the bald head is the nerves in brain which have few voltage, when they are having more power they dont care of hair and the hair get off because of such more power. if the bald head starts from age of 35 it is because of mental problems and over thinking, so there is lot of difference between the teen bald head and normal bald head.

You may question me , then why do girls have full hair are they are not intelligent.
This is silly question because human body has three systems as nervous, digest and sexual reproductive system, for
girls the reproductive system plays a strong role that nervous because the hair is not bald but they are intelligent...

In future as our body has lost most hair, the male may lose their hair on head too, this could happen soon, as saying technology kills health..
note most of girls in now do not care of hair (LOL)

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Author ( Ravi R Naik (Novel writer)


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