which girls will fell in love fast

which girls will fell in love fast

This is one of the most arising question for boys that which girls will fell in love fast. I will give you a small explanation this is just out for fun am not responsible for the post. When come to the question which girls will fell  in love fast.  I will give some points

1. actually girls who's skin is honey or white in color will fall in love fast than girls with  dark color faces.
2. Most of the girls fell in love when the boy is funny, humor or does idiotic things, if you are fun then  you can attract girls easily.

3. When come to again another hint, the girls whose hair is long will fell in love faster than the girls
   with shorter or thin hairs.

4.Most of the girls fell in love with boys if they are innocent,funny,make silly things.

So, boys try this, you can easily fell in love.....(LoL)

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