Why do we feel sometimes this incident has happened early.

7. Why do we feel sometimes this incident has happened early.
Why do we feel sometimes this incident has happened early.This is one of the most mysterious question, we sometime feel I think it has happened early, we actually feel amazed when such incident happens. When come to clarity, this is not easy to believe-as we know human brain is most powerful in universe and no animal have such power, we know few animals can analyse deep sounds example Elephants can hear sounds where humans can't here we fail to be powerful near elephants. another example an Eagle can examine a rat running on the ground even it is in such a long distance in the sky because of its eye power, here also human brain fails to stand. But you already know baby child has ability to swim it is inbuilt act when they born, but while growing babies lost their act of swimming, in the same way the babies up to the 1.5 years can analyse future first itself because they are not so broad minded they forget early. When come to finally human brains have nerves which can analyse future but they are not active, they just get activated very rare, if we study to analyse I can say confidently one day human can analyse future.

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Author ( Ravi R Naik (Novel writer)


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