Best tips to become slim with simple methods that works really

Obesity or fat is one of the most issue for girls they prefer to be slim for those who want to become slim here are the few steps to remember.
Best tips to become slim with simple methods that works really
Become slim with 5 tips

The things to follow girls is

1. Stop eating watching television:
Most teenagers will have the habits of eating breakfast, or lunch infront of tv watching. avoid this habit and eat near dining table without watching tv. Chew the food atleast for 20 to 30 times this will help you bring weight loss to neck.

2. Do not eat thoroughly :
this is one of the mistake girls make. Do not eat very fast try to eat slowly which will help to give perfect diet. Avoid Oil food, or any oil items.  Maintain a perfect time to eat. (Not so necessary)

3. Drinking water in a decent way:
Water is the main source for becoming slim, drink water before breakfast, and drink water more atleast 2 liters a day which will help to reduce fat.

4. Watch out exercises regularly:
Exercise daily but do not do heavily just do moderately atleast 1 hour daily.

Here are some reasons why following above tips do not helpful. This is one of the most asked question. But there is a reason for this...

NOTE : This is not good to read this is just for information purpose:
The main reason why some girls will be fat for no problems
1. Low Pro biotic bacteria is one of the reason for becoming fat.
2.Thyroid is one of the problem for becoming fat
3. Thinking more about marriage or excess desire of romance
4. Having habit of  **** while bathing daily.

Please avoid all 3-4 you will surely become thin. Here I will explain about the mantra that will let you become thin surely.

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