Thomas and Friends in real life- Thomas Theme Park at England

     Started as a TV Show" Thomas and Friends. Now you can really enjoy their ride. yes! True you feel it astonishing but true.A Theme park called "Thomas Theme Park" invites you to enjoy their ride at England.
Thomas and Friends in real life- Thomas Theme Park at England

Here are the highlights of the park:

The most attraction in this park is Thomas Engine. You can enjoy the ride in train with Thomas face. Not only Thomas and there are many cartoon trains that will give you a surprising ride.

This Theme park was founded in 1998. The Park satisfied the tourists with 12 rides.They have newly added 5 more rides.

Captain C Ride gives you happy and relaxing mind. You can enjoy the greenery in the park and the cool climate. Jeremy Jet Flying academy is so funny. You enjoy the plane when it is moving up and down. Escaping from the fire rescue gives you lot of energy.

Roller coaster, Ferris Wheel, Carousal Ride are the most entertaining in this Park.

Thomas and Friends Story :

Thomas and Friends in real life- Thomas Theme Park at EnglandThomas and Friends story was not recent, it was a imaginative creation of W. Owdi in 1946 who belongs to London written this Story. This was first produced as TV Show in 1984. Slowly Thomas and Friends started populating all over the world. Even today you can watch this show in major TV channels like POGO. All this story runs in a place called SoDor.

There are many games, toys slowly populated all over the world. Not only in England the theme park is also in Japan. With an area of 11 acres Thomas and Friends Park is recently constructed in America.

So friends why late come let's visit Thomas and Friends Theme Park.

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