Budha Aaditya Yoga - Nipuna Yoga

Budha Aditya yoga

Yogas formed by Sun are powerful. There are many Yogas formed by the Planet Sun. The Yogas may be auspicious or inauspicious.

Some of the popular Yogas are :

Vesi Yoga

Vosi Yoga

Ubayachara Yoga

Budha Aaditya Yoga

Budha Aaditya Yoga

For this formation of Sun and Mercury is involved. This yoga is formed when Sun and Mercury are in conjugation in the same sign.

Since Mercury is a fast moving planet, it comes very close to the Sun more frequently. So this Yoga can been seen in many horoscopes. But this is one of the auspicious yoga, there are some factors for this yoga to be considered.

This yoga cannot be formed :

  • When Sun is Debilitated in Libra.
  • Mercury should not be combust.
  • Sun should be functional malefic in the horoscope.
  • Mercury should not be combust
  • Mercury should not be debilitated.
  • This yoga cannot be formed in Libra and Pisces zodiac signs.
This yoga can be formed in any house and the results are variant.

The power of this Yoga is more in Kendra house and Trikon house.

The effect is less in Dusthana houses. 6,8 and 12th houses are dusthana house. Since Sun is a bright star it can illuminates even in the enemy house.

Results: One born with this yoga is intelligent and skillful in all works. He is well known, respected and happy. Nipuna means an expert. 

When formed in Kendra House ( 1,4,7,10) : The native can be a Team Leader, HR and high officer in any Software company. or associated with Technology.

When formed in 12th House : the Native becomes a Writer, Lyricist, Speaker.

When formed in 8th house : the native can become a Police Officer.

When formed in 6th house : The Native can be in army or equivalent.


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