GajaKesari Yoga in Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology has many auspicious and inauspicious Yogas. There are 1000s of Yogas described in BPHS. Among them Gajakesari Yoga is one of the  most important auspicious yoga formed by the planet Jupiter.

GajaKesari Yoga

GajaKesari Yoga

According to its prevailed condition GajaKesari Yoga is formed when Jupiter is in Kendra (1,4,7,10 ) from Lagna or Moon. Most Astrologers believes that GajaKesari Yoga is formed only from Moon ( Chandra Lagna) but not from Ascendant, which is obviously not correct, this Yoga may be formed either from Lagna or Moon. Since this is a rare Yoga, this Yoga is not formed as its prevailed Condition, there are many things to consider while declaring whether a native have a GajaKesari Yoga or not.
  • For this Yoga to Get formed the Jupiter should not be in Capricorn sign which is its debilated sign.
  • Jupiter should not be in its enemy sign
  • It should not make a conjunction with Natural Malefic like Saturn, Ketu or Rahu as the formation of this Yoga does not provide benefics to the native.
  • it should not be Combust or Conjuct with Sun.
  • Moon Strength is also be considered for the formation of this Yoga.
  • Moon should not be debiliated, Combust or afflicted Severely.
  • Moon should not be Weak in Kundli, it should be Strong for the Formation of GajaKesari Yoga.

Most Powerful GajaKesari Yoga :

  1. This Yoga is formed when Jupiter is in Kendra from Moon as well as Lagna.
  2. Jupiter should be in Kendra from Moon or Lagna and conjuct with Natural Malefics like Venus which strengthens its Power.
  3. Jupiter should be in its own house or Exalted house.
  4. Moon should in its own house or Exalted house.
  5. Ascendant must be very strong.
Satisfying any one of the  5 conditions above will be the Most Powerful GajaKesari Yoga.

Second Most Powerful of this Yoga (from ascendant)

This Yoga is formed from Ascendant, Since ASC is most powerful than Chandra and Sun Lagnas. So the GajaKesari Yoga formed from Lagna is more powerful than Moon Lagna.

Third Most Powerful of this Yoga ( From Moon Lagna)

This Yoga is formed from Moon which is not as powerful as formed from Ascendant.

Benifics :

Gaja Means “Elephant” and esari means “Lion”, So the Native will have the power of both Lion and Elephant, He will be very strong like Elephant and courageous as Tiger. So the Native having GajaKesari Yoga will be Very Wealthy, Daring, Powerful with morals, will destroy his enemies.
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