Parvatha Yoga in Vedic Astrology

Parvat Yoga

Simple Definition of Parvat Yoga : When there are one or more than one benefic in Kendra and 7th and 8th Houses are vacant or occupied by Natural benefic or Functional benefics this Yoga is formed.

In Vedic Astrology there are thousands of auspicious and inauspicous Yogas which impact on natives life. Some Yogas can make native a King even when he is Poor, so Yogas can make a King even a Begger. So the impact of this Yogas depends upon the Combination of certains planets. Yogas given by Natural Benefics are auspicous and Natural Malefics are in auspicious, it is for some extent, sometimes Natural benefics gives inauspicous Yogas and Natural Benefics can bring auspicious Yogas. Parvatha Yoga is one among the powerful Raj Yoga.

Parvatha Yoga

Today am discussing about one of the Auspicious Royal Yoga called Parvatha. Parvatha means a Mountain, which means a Native having this Yoga will become a Great Men in Kings Court.
According to Brihaspati Hora Shastra (BPHS) this Yoga is formed when any of the Kendra house (1,4,7,10)  is having One or more than one benefic planet this yoga is formed, and the 6th and 8th houses which are called dusthana must be vacant or must having only benefics

Some Astrologers believe that this Yoga is formed when Kendra house is having a benefic planet and 7th 8th house are vacant or associated with Benefic.

But the real type of Parvatha Yoga is formed when Kendra house (1,4,7,10)  having atleast one benefic and the 7th house and 8th house should be empty or 7th house and 8th house must be occupied by benefic planet and the Lagna lord must be strong.

Some believes that this yoga is formed when 1st lord and 12th lord is placed in any Kendra house, this yoga is not formed in Aquarius ascendant since Saturn being lord of 1st and 12th house, but this is a powerful Yoga but not Parvat Yoga.

This Yoga can bless the Native with Wealth, Prosperous, Lands and Buildings, Fame, Authority and great reputation. This Yoga can make a person President when is powerful

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