Simhasana Yoga in Vedic Astrology

Simhasana yoga
Simhasana Yoga

Simple definition of Simhasana Yoga : (1)When lord of 1st house in 10th house or Lord of 10th in 1st house and lagna lord is strong this yoga is formed (2) another variation when 2nd lord in 10th or 10th lord in  2nd and strong lagna lord this yoga is formed.

In Vedic Astrology there are thousands of auspicious and inauspicous Yogas which impact on natives life. Some Yogas can make native a King even when he is Poor, so Yogas can make a King even a Begger. So the impact of this Yogas depends upon the Combination of certains planets. Yogas given by Natural Benefics are auspicous and Natural Malefics are in auspicious, it is for some extent, sometimes Natural benefics gives inauspicous Yogas and Natural Benefics can bring auspicious Yogas. Simhasana Yoga is one among the powerful Raj Yoga

Simhasana Yoga

Today am discussing about one of the Auspicious Royal Yoga called Simhasana. Simhasana means a Throne, which means a Native having this Yoga will become a Great Men in Kings Court.

First type of Simhasana Yoga is formed in the horoscope when the Lord of 10th house in placed in ascendant ( first house ) Or When the lord of 1st house is placed in 10th house, this results in Simhasana Yoga.

Second type of this Yoga is formed when the Lord of 2nd House is placed in 10th house of a horoscope (or) the lord of 10th house in placed in 2nd House.

Powerful Simhasana Yoga is formed when the Lord of 2nd House is placed in 10th house and the 10 Lord is placed in any Kendra house (1,4,7,10) (or) When the Lord of 10th house is placed in 2nd house and the Second lord is placed in any Kendra house (1,4,7,10) results in Simhasana Yoga.
Any one of the above will result in Simhasana Yoga and the result depend upon the Strength of horoscope.

Any one having this Yoga will become a chief Member in Kings court simple a person can become a Minister and the this Yoga can even make a native Chief Minister. The Native is blessed with Wealthy, diseases free life, Happiness, fame and Royal personality with Silent and Good Character.

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