Vipareeta Raja Yoga in Vedic Astrology


Vipareeta Raja yoga
Vipareeta Raja Yoga

Simple Definition : When lord of dusthanas (6th,8th and 12th lords are called dusthana lords)  is placed in the dusthana houses (6,8,12th houses are called dusthana houses ) Vipareeta Raja Yoga is formed in the chart

Vipareeta Raja Yoga is one of the most discussed Yoga in Vedic Astrology. Astrologers mostly discussed about this interesting Raj Yoga, Saga Parasara has given an important role in his hora astrology about this Yoga.

Vipareeta Raja Yoga

Vipareeta Raja Yoga: In Vedic Astrology the 6th, 8th and 12th houses are known as trik sthanas or dusthanas (bad houses). If their lords occupies dusthanas or conjoin dusthanas, it results in this yoga. One having this yoga experiences tremedous success, typically after an initial struggle. Vipareeta means extreme.

There are different types of this Yoga and there are some more detailed information for the formation of Vipareet Raj Yoga.

Harsha Yoga: If the 6th lord occupies the 6th house, then this yoga is present. One born with this yoga is happy, strong, good-natured and invincible. Harsha means joyous.

Sarala Yoga: If the 8th lord occupies the 8th house, then this yoga is present. One born with this yoga is long-lived, fearless, learned, celebrated and prosperous. He is a terror to his enemies. Sarala means straight-forward.

Vimala Yoga: If the 12th lord occupies the 12th house, then this yoga is present. One born with this yoga is noble, frugal, happy and independent. Vimala means pure heart.

Formation of this Yoga : Since this is a rare yoga this yoga cannot formed as per the information defined. There are some reasons for its formation

  • The Ascendant must be Strong for its formation.
  • Moon Should not be afflicted severely
  • The Yoga formation planet should not be the lord of 1st House (Ascendant)

It is said that this yoga is not formed if the yoga forming planet is being lord of 5th house which is not correct, and some astrologers believe that the lord being its own sign will not form this yoga which is not correct.

Vipareeta Raj Yoga is quite different from being in its own sign. This yoga is formed if 6th lord in 8th, 8th lord in 6th, 8th lord in 12th, 6th lord in 12th, 12th lord in 6th or 12th lord in 8th house.

Example of Amitabh Bachan : In Amitabh Bachan Kundli the Mercury being the lord of 8th House is placed in its own house (8th house ) which formed Sarala Yoga one of the types of Vipareeta Raj Yoga. As per some astrologers the mercury should not be the lord of 5th house, but this is not correct in respective to Amitabh kundli since Mercury being the lord of 5th house in his horoscope.

Effect of this Yoga : This Yoga takes place in its dasa or Anthar dasha (bhukthi). Some astrologers believe that this yoga takes places in its Mahadasa only which is not correct.
Lets take again Amitabh Bacchan Kundli, the vipareet raj yoga took place in Mercury Anthar Dasha but not in Maha Dasa.

Secret Behind Vipareeta raja Yoga : In Astrology the 6th,8th,12th houses are the houses of misfortune or bad effect, the planets in this house or being the lord of this house produces bad effect to the natives. When this house or lord of this house occupies again the 6th ,8th or 12th house the planets become very weak and produces tremedous good effect inspite of producing bad effect.
it is said that at this formation the horoscope becomes massive powerful and for this case the Lagna lord or Ascedant should be strong to control its power otherwise misfortune may leads. this is for reason the lagna lord should be exalted or placed in its own house, or should be very strong in its friendly house and there should be atleast one benefic in Kendra House (1,4,7,10 house) or atleast one planet should go exalted or in its own sign.

Vipareeta Raj Yoga is a blessing from our past, these people can become Multi Millionaires depending on the Strength of Horoscope.
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