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Wealth in Kundli
Today am going to explain what makes a person rich in your horoscope.
Do you believe in astrology? Do astrology works?? how come a poor becomes rich?? The role of luck.

In Vedic Astrology planet Jupiter is the creator of wealth and Venus for Luxury. without a good placement of these planets you cannot become rich.

Here are the planetary combinations that makes a person rich.

Jupiter, venus, 9th house, 2nd house,11th house and these lords will play an important role making a person rich.

Here are the some combinations one makes the person rich.

1. A person earns wealth when there is a connection with Ascendant and 11th lord.

2. When 2nd lord and 11th lord are in conjugation in a Kendra ( cardinal house ) i;e; 1,4,7,10 the person will become millionaire. and when again the 9th house joins with these then the person for sure become multi millionaire and his grow starts from his 24 age.

In astrology the sign Aquarius is the most powerful Zodiac sign. In respective to wealth it plays a very important role. the person born in Aquarius ascendant to become poor is very rare unless the bad effects are more.

Jupiter being the indicator of wealth plays a big role in Aquarius ascendant by being the lord of 2nd and 11th house and venus plays a role of 4th and 9th house.

So the Venus and Jupiter conjugation for the Aquarius ascendant is very powerful and makes a person tremendous business person.


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