Massive Fame in Vedic Astrology


Hello every one!! Really a bad day for me in my company today. I felt like i could be popular so that I can show what I am, which need some kind of popularity.

Most of the teenagers these days wants to get fame, they want to be popular among others. Many tried, many failed and many succeded. The more you want the passion of fame the more the creativity comes.. however some youngster tried their luck using online media, TV shows, youtube and some other source to be popular.. but this fame last no longer.. at sometime they extinct like how recently prizma and pokemon Go ended the game. 

Now am going to discuss about the fame which last longer.. which gives money, power and strength.

So now you want to know what is fame in Vedic astrology. Now am going to discuss how a person receives fame and what fame do they receive using the Janam kundli which is called the map of heaven at the time of birth.

Massive Fame in Vedic Astrology

Here I will share a small Vedic chapter what makes a person give fame.

In vedic astrology all nine planets give fame, but the fame given by Rahu and Venus is more powerful. These two planets have the power to give massive fame.

How to find whether one receives fame.

The answer is simple, whenever Rahu sits in the 5,7 or 10th house in the main birth chart the person receives fame. Rahu wants every thing in excess. So Rahu can control huge masses, whenever Rahu sits in these houses it signifies huge fame. 

Ketu the headless man also gives fame when he sits in the 3rd house.

The next is Venus. Venus is a female planet which has powerful venusian energy . Venus gives fame amoung females like Shahrukh khan. Whenever Venus sits in the 5,7 or 10th house of main birth chart it signifies again massive fame.

Also Rahu or Venus sitting in the Nakshatra of Magha gives massive fame.

Does these conditions gives a person massive fame.

You need few more things to remember, i.e: Arudha Lagna. Whenever Rahu or Venus is sits in the 1,7 house from the Arudha lagna satisfying the above combinations then the person receives worldly and massive fame.

Also Sun and Moon gives Fame. 

Remember these satisfies only when the Ascendant is strong in the Birth Chart having at least one benefic planet in the Kendra house. 

When the ascendant is not strong it is difficult to get strong fame.

Check astakvarga of Ascendant. If it is less than 3 it signifies weak.. 3 means neutral. More than 3 strong.


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