Planetary Combinations for Film Actor

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Planetary Combinations for Film Actor
Planetary Combinations for Film Actor

Today am Aseno come here to explain you about the most interesting topic.. i;e; Acting, Yes, the career in the massive glamour world, entertainment world, film industry. Most of the people and you one among them interested to show up your talent to the world. No one will leave a single chance if gets a chance in this career field.

Now let me discuss what makes a person to enter this field. 1. A pastlife connection 2. Hard word...
remember to enter in this world you need to be very luck, until unless you are lucky you cannot enter this area. So, now let me explain you in detail.

Here goes the point wise.

1. Beginning with the ascendant ( ascendant is the rising sign when you are born, to calculate ascendant you need your exact birth including time, this is also called Lagna). Now check you ascendant, ( eg: Aries). Now see the lord of this planet where he is sitting in the kundli ( birth chart).

Example of Strong Lagna :

Suppost let me take an example of Aries Lagn.

If you are aries lagn (asc) and lord of this Asc is Mars, now see where mars is placed and in which sign she is sitting.

Suppose your mars in sitting in sign of Capricorn, Aries, Scorpio it powerful and is gives strong results, since this planet rules the sign aries, here the Asc becomes strong.

Example of Weak Lagn.

If this lord is sitting in any enemy house ( 6,8, and 12th ) it is weak and in enemy house. then the lagn is said to be weak in strength. So if this satisfies you, then you can move forward.

Now goes second point.

Moon : Moon is the karak of Creativity and kindness, without strong moon you cannot be popular, a strong moon will help you to enter this field, don't worry if moon is not strong, you can still achieve but with hard work.

Now see how strong is your moon in your chart and which sign she is sitting.

Now goes major point

Venus : Venus is the real karak and ruler of this career industry, without strong venus you cannot enter this field. Now see in which sign this planet is placing. If she is sitting in friendly and aspecting the 5th or 10th house you can enter this world. If this planet is weak you cannot get success in this area.

Now the last point.

Rahu: To act infront of everyone you should not be shy, if you feel shy you cannot fulfill your dream, here Rahu help you, Rahu must situated in the sign of Libra or Taurus, else you cannot achieve this fame. Or Venus should be debilitated.,

Now remember all this not enough, you still need i,e imaginative world which we called as Arudha lagna. If Venus or rahu in 1,7,10 houses from aruda lagn you can become a leading actor. If this fails, please do not waste your time entering this glamour world, you cannot achieve fame.

Here are the planetary combination for Actor.

A strong Raj yog forming by Venus.
If venus is sitting in kendra house.
Venus sitting in 5th house or aspecting the 5th house.
Lagn lord should be strong and well placed.

This my analysis for the person to enter in this glamour world.

Feeling confused.. want to know in deep, want to find the strength and combinations of your chart, you can simply consult me. Whatsup me @9618418498. ( and take my paid service, please message me only if you are serious about this)

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