Best tip to get rid of baldness

Get rid of baldness
So guys here today am turned from an tech gig to doctor.. a vedic teacher. Am posting this article after several mails hit my inbox related to hair. Today am going to share a small article which helps to get back your hair to normal. Follow this article and you are on the way to get rid of this baldness attack.

Here the technique begins. This dont need money it needs your leisure time.  The main reason for hair fall at early age is excess levels of testoterone in body. However this can be treated by reducing its levels... But might be expensive.. so dont worry guys.. here a free technique that works 1000%.

Few other reasons for hair fall.
1. Air pollution.
2. Nutrient deficiency
3. Blood impurity
4. And weak strength of scalp.

The secret behind my research which prevents hair fall is yoga. I will give one yoga exercise which is dead simple to follow.. i.e. prithvi yoga.

How to do it.

                            Yoga to get rid of baldness
Simple. Look at your right hand. Bend your heart finger which is also called ring finger.. and join it with thumb finger.. looks complicate view the image.

Now do this for 15 minutes continuously for a period of one month. You can do this in your leisure time, while reading, in bus or in theatres.

Why does it works.

Millions dollar question. You might ask then why tricology  and dermatology if this works. Simple let me take myself, am a science graduate.. but i belive this the reason is.. when there is decrease of biotin levels in body it results in hair loss, so when you do this.. it helps to flow blood to distance part of head i.e Scalp and strengths the roots from inside, this is the reason while oils dont work because they just nourish the outer roots but not inner roots.

Try this for one months.. if you see your hair improvement comment below and give me a hifi... This is also for girls.. but dedicating to my dudes..  ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. Ya i was really amazing. Recently a doctor also told me about this. I was shocked. Thanq buddy for your wounderfull posts. :)



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