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What is Astrology

What is Astrology?

Astrology is an occult science that originated some 5000 years ago some where in Ancient India. A study of ones future progress. Astrology is a subject that helps to deal with ones career, marriage and even a small event in life.

A recent research beilves that astrology does works really.

Here am writing one incident from cheiro's life. One day Cheiro was travelling by train, every astrologer has the habit to analze the hands. Cheiro did the same. He analyzed few hands of passengers and noticed one unexpected thing, i.e, one of the line was common in many passengers. He examined in detailed and found that these people going to end their life. Cheiro got question and started thinking how come it possible and he then realized that the train might meet with an accident. Without any sign of warning the  passengers cheiro got down from the train in next station. He then moved to station master saying that the train will meet with an accident. Obivously station master smiled at him and left. After a few hours the train met with an horrible accident taking away hundreds of passengers to their end.

Finding Cheiro.. Station master met him personally asked him how did he come to know the train will meet with an accident.

Cheiro said that he analyzed few palms and noticed that these people going to end their life.

Station master asked him..

Then why you did not warn the passengers?

Cheiro answered him saying..

If I did the same, I will be the fool. If I say the passengers that the train will meet with an accident.. Some may get shock and die.. Some may try to stop the train.. In a hurry to save oneself one may get crunched in crowd and die. And when the train stops.. it will not meet with an accident and everyone angers at me saying you are responsible for this, where did the accident occured, because of you many got injured, many died. This is the reason I did not warn them. One should not try to change the destiny.. what happen will happen for god sake.

My real experience in Astrology.

I work at Freecharge Company.. I met one new employee who is child like not matured but he completed Mtech.  Graduating Mtech in merely not a Joke. Looking at him.. I just analyzed his horoscope. I started estimating his horoscope, Was Mercury got debilated in his horoscope.. because he is not matured. Then how did he get Job in I.T. was mercury sitting in his 10 house. He looks hardworking, was saturn at Capricorn, his smile, talking, appearance resembled tarus Ascendant.

I uncontrolled and asked his date of birth..  I felt shocked myself..  after looking at his birth chart. He is an Tarus ascendant.. He has Mercury debiliated and combust at pisces and Saturn at Capricorn.. this proved me Astrology is not a supernatural or creation. Its a science of ones future estimation...

So Guys.. I hope this Secret astrology will help you in future..

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