Easy tricks to boost up your PC Performance

Powerup PC Performance
Is your PC running slowly? It can't able to perform multiple tasks?
Hey readers I came up with Good Technological article to Boost up your Computer.

Nothing to worry readers just I will show the simple tricks and tips to boost up your Personal Computer without using any software's and tools.

Step 1:- Go to the Run Command in the start menu or just press the WINDOWSKEY+R on your desktop


Step 2:-Now in the type bar please type the TEMP and press OK. It will ask for continue please press continue and delete all the temporary files which are there in the window. These temporary files are normally stored in your computer, so they might be reason to slow down your computer performance.

Step 3:- Now again go to Run command type PREFETCH and press OK. Delete all the files which are available in that particular window.

Step 4:- Go to Run command and type %temp% and delete all files.

Step 5:-Here you can delete recent files by typing RECENT in your Run command and delete all files.

Step 6:- This is very efficient way to check all files in your system just by typing chkdsk in your run command. This will checks all the errors and fixes if any problem occurs.

NOTE:- You can follow above all Steps every 2days and delete all those stuff to Boost your personal computer. :)

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