Mobile charging that last long for 11,460 years

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Let me say you are on a voyage somewhere on deadly desert and sudden your mobile battery gets weak, what you do look for a powebank, suppose it too got dead, now you do not have any option to use your mobile. Many these days facing this problem, so scientists are already started to invent lasting battery.

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Recent research at british university says that we do not need to bother for battery capability anymore. They discovered a battery made of diamond that lasts until the capacity of life. The university scientists stated that the battery lasts upto 11,460 years and it takes for it alteast 5730 years to getdown its percentage to 50.

In a recent press release, the university says...

Graphite, like a diamond, is made of corbon, but due to its prolonged exposure to radioactivity, the graphite blocks used at nuclear sites also became radioactive. Specially their carbon transformed into an unstable isotope, carbon -14. Corbon 14 has a half life of 5730 years they added.

So in future we are going to use the lifetime batteries. These batteries can be used in mobiles, laptops and all other electronic goods.

See below what my clients say...

"So you die, I die and we die but this diamond battery dont" - Says Potato

"At last my real ancestor coming back proud of you" - Says Nokia 1100.

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