Scientific reasons behind astrology

Astrology A Science or Myth

So Guys, Here today am going to write one interesting article on Scientific reason behind astrology. You can refer my previous article Astrology the secret science for some good basic use of astrology.

Here today I will explain the scientific reason behind astrology. This is the most asked question. One of my reader questioned me regarding this wether there is a science behind astrology.

Probably the answer is Yes!. Am again saying astrology is a science. I dont have scientific research to prove astrology. However. I will some small information related to science and astrology.

Astrology runs behind the 9 planets and science too runs behind these planets.

Getting deeper ...

Planets have a significant role in astrology. Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus, each has their own lordship. So let me begin with Sun and his logic behind science.

Sun is a father in Astrology. He is the main star in our solar system as per science. Suppose you are under a shade of tree, you probably feel relaxed. Now suddenly the Temper became hot, now you start feeling warm and little irritated some might even get itching because of sudden change in climate.  Now, think what made you warm and irritate, its nothing but the Sun, Indirectly he is influencing on your body, do you know excess sun bath also result in cancer, probably because of Sun. So here Sun playing a vital role in your life. This is one of the example that Astrology plays a role.

#2. Moon : Moon is our emotions, mind in astrology. Whenever you feel disappoint, just look at the Moon, he will make your mind pleasant. Here Moon also play a role in emotions and mind.

#3 Venus : Suddenly you have seen a beautiful girl, you start getting some kind of feeling nothing but Venusian Energy.

So in the same way astrology plays its own significant over our life.

Do you know Jaimini astrology uses Maths like degrees, transits and aspects, they have some deep calculations, so astrology have connection with Maths as well which makes it 5 science.

Hope this might have helped you at least.. still unhappy just comment below.

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