How to Calculate your IQ.

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Hey! Guys here  am back with one of the most asked question and interesting one as well.

Are you born genius?  What is your IQ?
Today I will explain My Method of calculating ones IQ . Check it how.

The IQ formula is ........

      IQ = MENTAL AGE X100
               CHRONICAL AGE
Suppose a boy of 15 years demand toys and love to sleep in a cradle, you can conclude his mental age as 5.

Chronical age is decided by his date of birth.

Example 1 : 5X100/15 = 33.5 his IQ.

IQ score chart

0-69 - Abnormal child
70-130 - Normal child
131-250 - Genius mind

If exceeds more than 255 divide with 2. Eg; 250/2.= 125 as Normal child.

Example 2: I have a friend name Sunil who is a 11th class student. He is 16 at age. I always wonder with his ideas. So let me reveal his IQ. The boy being 16 behaves as 21 years old student.

Here his mental age is 21 and chronical age is 16. As the IQ formula.

       21X100/16 = 131.35. The boy is genius minded.

Awesome.isn't it..  Now try your own IQ and comment me the score below...

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