Why it is good to use Google Tez App

Google is once again back with its new trending app.

                          Why tez app

This time its a payment app called "Tez" ( a Hindi word for "Fast"). Unlike other wallet apps, this app is far different from those, this is not a wallet app, this app is directly linked to your respective bank account.

What is Tez?

Tez app is directly linked to your bank account. You can transfer money instantly to other bank account without any issues. I.e. money you send via Tez will directly deposits in your bank account.

Why it is good to use Tez app ?

Probably for few reasons.

1. You no need to bother for taxation, unlike Paytm.

2. This is not a wallet so that you add money and transact. You simply use your bank with Tez app.

3. Fast and reliable, easy to navigate

4. Offers. Yes you earn a scratch card when you transfer some minimum amount of 150 rupees or whatever as per offer, and you can earn up to 1000 rupees when you scratch.

You also receive weekly scratch when you send Rs. 500.

Wait for what download using below link and register you get rs. 51 deposit to your bank account.

                           Download tez

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