Best Poem that got its deeper meaning

just follow the train poem

What do you think often when you are free. It could be about life, Aim or Love. We might have read about inspiration stories. Have you ever bothered to read Poems that have its  deeper meaning. Here is the Poem that makes a great sense in today's society.

Just follow the train

Wrap your goodness
Trap your brain
No one is fool 

Just follow the train 

Heartfull are played 
Heartless are paid
Dont you worry 
Just follow the train

Magnify your Happiness
Minimize your pain 
Time shows everything
Just follow the train

Build your Strengths
Defear your weakness
They will applaud
Just follow the train 

Time is Bad
But I will be glad
Once I lead you 
Just follow the train
                                                                                     - Farheen, Author

Summary of Poem : The Author of the Poem clearly described how a good and evil are perceived in today's society. The Author explains that " Its better to trap your brain with goodness rather than becoming fool. Good people are made fun and bad are respected, Focus on your happiness rather than worrying about the pain. The stanza follow the train explains the way you follow your heart."

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