Windows Desktop wallpapers

Here are the top windows desktop wallpapers that makes your desktop look beautiful, download them for free

1. Abandoned House                                                               2. Afternoon Rainbow

Abandoned House                           Afternoon Rainbow (Iceland)
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3. Arch Bridge                                                               4. Baltic Shore

Arch Bridge (Wales, U.K.)                            Baltic Shore (Rügen, Germany)
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5. Bamboo Forest                                                           6. Iguazu falls

Bamboo Forest (Japan)                            Iguazu Falls (Argentina and Brazil)
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7. Lake louis                                                                    8. New york city skyline

Lake Louise, Banff (Alberta, Canada)                            New York City Skyline (U.S.)
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9. Niers River                                                                  10. Yokohama city scape

Niers River (Germany)                             Yokohama Cityscape (Japan)
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Extracted from Microsoft .

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