Admediaking review and CPM rates

Ad Media King CPM rates and review

Admediaking ad network review and CPM rates


AdMediaKing CPM network Review - CPM rates - payment proof - CPM for low traffic publishers - legit CPM sites

This is the best ad network and one can earn $0.5 per 3 banners with 1000 impressions.

easy to join no requirements. only $2 minimum payments.  100% fill rate. Most suggested for heavy or low traffic sites. Immediate signup. easy to implement ads.

Rating :   7.0/10

 Network Name


 Network Type


 Minumum Threshold


 Payment Mode

 Paypal & Wire

 Payment Shedule

 NET 5 terms

 Average US CPM rates

   $ 0.20

Average International   CPM rates

   $ 0.10

 Payment Proof


 Alexa Rank


 Network Trust




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