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Site Name : Hongkiat Lim

Site URL    : http://www.hongkiat.com

Site description :

How it all started

Hongkiat.com was the brainchild of Hongkiat Lim (pronounced hong-key-att) who back in the year 2007 was stuck in an unhappy job environment. He stopped short of leaving the job because he was heading a team of very creative co-workers, although the circumstances he was stuck in made it very difficult to be productive – at least, not in his own work.
Instead and in an effort to cope, he indulges in a blog that essentially formed the backbone of today’s hongkiat.com website – a site which shares things that designers and bloggers look forward to reading. The coping mechanism evolved into a hobby, then a passive, but sound, income-earning channel. In mid-2007, he took the plunge: quit his job and devoted himself to the blog full-time.

About Hongkiat.com

Hongkiat.com has its roots in Malaysia, is run in Malaysia and will continue to flourish in Malaysia (we just love the food here, can you blame us?). Hongkiat.com may have begun from humble beginnings, but it has since developed into a site with considerably international presence and influence. We are already receiving a steady flow of 6.5 million pageviews per month, and the numbers are not showing any signs of slowing down.
Today’s hongkiat.com features tutorials or articles on Photoshop, HTML/CSS, WordPress, Design tools, Photography, Wallpapers, Freebies and more. Some of the contents you find here have been featured or referenced to by sites such as Huffpost, Lifehacker, Gizmodo, TheNextWeb and more.


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