How loud was the Big Bang

The Big Bang was not a 'normal' explosion-it did not even take place in existing space. Rather, the Big Bang created not only matter and energy but also space and time. This means that was no place from which the Big Bang could have been seen or heard from the outside. Observes (or listeners) would have found themselves right in the middle of the Big Bang-and would have been instantly vaporiszed due to its extremely high temperatures. Despite this, the American astrophysicist John Cramer once took the trouble to produce a computer simulation of the second of the Big Bang. He compared the result to 'a large jet plane 100 feet [300m] off the ground, flying over your house'. But his description is some-what misleading. In order to make the sound of the Big Bang audible, Cramer had to scale up the low-frequency sound waves by 100,000 billion billion times. The actual sound of the Big Bang is imperceptible to the human ear. 

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