physical fitness for a space tourist

                                             space tourist medical test

 How physically fit does a space tourist need to be


How physically fit does a space tourist need to be - medical test for space tourist - process for travelling to space

Before flying to the ISS, space tourists have to undertake several months of cosmonaut training, which include extensive medical check-ups. After all, the travelers have to be able to cope with some unusual experiences, including a lift- off during which they must bear several times their own weight. Added to that, unavoidable stresses can drive the pulse rate up to more than 200 beats a minute-not something for those with weak hearts. Anyone planning a trip into Earth’s orbit must therefore be in the very best of health. Cardiovascular diseases, bone or muscle disorders and auto- immunity diseases are all disqualifying criteria. The health requirements for flights to the edges of space are much less onerous, with the only disqualifying criteria being certain heart diseases.

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