Which was the last steam Iocomotive in India


Steam Locomotives were once very common in India, but are now just tourist attractions on selected routes. The oldest steam Locomotive, the Fairy Queen, served the East Indian Railway until 1909.

Indian Rail Transport
In 1972, it was given heritage status by the Indian government. The Fairy Queen was revived in 1996, and began hauling a Alwar. The Antim Sitara or 'Last star', was the last steam locomotive built in India. It was commissioned in 1970. No one is quite sure as to what has happened to it! The Deshbandhu Locomotive Park, at Ranchi, near the Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, has a collection of steam exhibits, a small number of which are in running order, including the 'Fariy Princess', a locomotive built by the works in 1964

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