Does environmental pollution reduces the male fertility?

            The numbers of sperm in the semen of young men in industrialized countries has been declining for the past 50 years or so, and this has led to reduced fertility. Research has revealed the presence of a wide range of environmental pollutants in human blood, and the results of animal tests suggest that certain chemicals with hormone-like effects could be causing problems. The chemicals in question are used in industry, and include cleaning agents, synthetic softeners and flame retardants, as well as pesticides and pharmaceutical residues. Once they are released into the environment these substances can enter the body in water or food or through contact with the skin. More than 100 of such chemicals have been found to have a hormonal effect that can influence the development of the male fetus. It is also the case that increases levels of pollutants in the blood of mothers has been linked to a risk of malformed sex organs and a reduction in sperm quality.

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