Casale Media Ad network CPM rates and review

Casale media CPM rates and review

Casale Media Ad network CPM rates and review


Casale Media review - Casale media CPM rates - top CPM network - high CPM paying sites - $1 for 1000 impressions - CPM for publishers

Casale media is one of the top best CPM ad network running successfully. The network provides Quality Ads and Efficient eCPM rates.  They pay huge CPM rates ranging from $0.75 - $2.5. when you enter it is like heaven.

  • Network Name                            :  Casale Media

  • Network Type                              :   CPM

  •  Minimum Threshold                 : $50

  •  Payment Mode                             : Paypal, Wire, Check

  •  Payment time                                : Net 35 terms

  • Average US CPM  Rate                : $0.45-0.75 

  • Average International CPM Rate   :0.30

  •  Payment Proof                             : Yes

  • Network Trust                               : 99.2%

Requirements :

Have atleast 25,000 monthly unique visitors
site should have healthy content
site must be in english
site should have top level domain

Interested then APPLY HERE

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