Why is Chandrayaan-1 India's pride ?

Chandrayaan - 1 is India's first unmanned lunar probe. It was successfully launched on October 22nd 2008 from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota. The project was led by Mylswamy Annadurai, the project cheif. The mission included five ISRO payloads, and six payloads from other international space agencies including NASA, ESA, and the Bulgarian Aerospace Agency.

Chandrayaan-1 took five and a half day to reach the Moon. Its journey culminated with a major manoeuvre- the lunar orbit insertion. Once the spacecraft was orbiting the Moon, its altitude was gradually lowered to the final 100 km - high circular orbit.

The spacecraft then ejected the ' Moon Impact Probe' that provided information about the lunar surface. With Chandrayaam- 1, ISRO took a step forward towards manned space missions to the Moon.

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