Will Blogger ( blogspot.com )shut down permanently ?

blogger shutdown

The most dangerous and nightmare for best bloggers is will Blogger shut down. After my careful review blogger will not shut down because of the following :

Since blogger has been established in between 2004 and 2005 it is growing too heavy even today.

Google has been reached more than 40 million blogs till now
2. Millions of bloggers are earning from Adsense and Double Click.
Google has no chance of having removing of blogger since thousands of employees are working.

Will you face problems in future with your blogger blog
1. Since blogger will not shut down it will soon have with strict policies
Google automatically deletes blogs that contain adult content.

So sites with good matter will no longer need to worry of blogger shut down.

Be happy and post good articles .... response below if you have any critical problems are found any fault above.


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