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Dublin Core Meta Data

Dublin core is one of the best SEO tool to increase google visibilty. here today am going to show how to add Dublin core for bloggers to increase their SEO score.

Here are the main things to learn :

 Title: title of the website/Blog
Creator: Owner of the website/Blog
Format: Format of the site likes text/HTML 
Subject: Keywords 
Publisher: Name of a publisher 
Identifier: Url of a site 
Language: Language of the content 
Date: Created date 
Modified: Modified date 
Description: Site description 
Type: Nature of content 

 <!-- Dublin Core-->
    <link href='http://purl.org/dc/elements/1.1/' rel='schema.DC'/>
    <meta content='blogger tools, mole representation, mobile specs, and Social Monitoring : facts' name='DC.title'/>
    <meta content='http://ask-astrologer.blogspot.com' name='DC.identifier'/>
    <meta content='Ask-astrologer is an educational site where you find many interesting posts, articles basing on all subjects, many interesting questions. The sites also provide all mobile specifications, CPM network review , blogger tools, tech and inspiration.' name='DC.description'/>
    <meta content='CPM network, Adnetwork review and cpm rates, astrology, Science, blogger Tools' name='DC.subject'/>
    <meta content='en' name='DC.language' scheme='ISO639-1'/>

replace Red Color with your site description and keywords. Now go to blogger dashboard >> move to Template >> Edit HTML >> Now find <head> and place the above code, done dublin core meta data is successfully installed.

How to Check Dublin Core installed;

Go to Woorank SEO page. You can see bottom a link naming Dublin core if you see as red there is error in code, or if you see green it indicates successfully installed Dublin core.


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