How to setup custom domain in blogger with Crazydomain hosting

custom domain blogger

After my review of crazy domain on internet, I finally found the solution to set a custom domain to blogger with crazy domain.

before you could set a custom domain you need to remember few points.

#1. You need to buy first their DNS tools.

#2. Check whether there are Name Server Details, if no you can update or you can contact support and they will update in 2-3 business days.

#3. Check whether your email is associated with crazy domain must be same as blogger domain.

Now go to blogger>> Settings>>Basic>> Add custom domain.

Now add your new crazy domain url eg;
 You will now see a Error 12 code asking for host or CNAME field.

Now login to Crazy domain account. Click Domain>> www.>> Now in the CNAME record add www in alias field and is text field. and add another as usual.

crazy domain DNS For blogger
here is the sample how it should look.
In the A record set the above i.p as usual because they are same for every blogger.

When they are update just wait for 30-40 seconds and click save in blogger, congratulations you are now set alright.

If you are having any problem with them then fell free i will help for you to set domain.....


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