Best Adsense Alternatives that pays high CPM rates

Top Adsense Alternatives for your blog or website

Here am writing top adsense alternatives for your blog.

Bidvertiser :

Bidvertiser is one of the best Adsense alternatives because they have good eCPM rates and high CPC rates which have been increase this year 2014.


Monetize your website in text advertising that matches your site content, earn maximum eCPM available. They have good eCPM rates of  $0.5- $0.7 basing on the site content.


Chitika is also one of the best Adsense alternative that pays very good CPC rates and decent amount of eCPM rates.

Value view Media :

Value view Media is also one of the best Adsense alternative this year 2014. They have good amount of eCPM rates , the eCPM rates ranges from $0.14- $0.16.

Adcash :

Adcash is also one of the best adsense they have demand partners and CPM rates are pretty high, the CPC rates are also decent.

Adversal :

Adversal is also best adsense alternative that pays very high for minisitials raning from $ 0.54- $0.62 eCPM rates and $0.02- $0.12 for banner ads.


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