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Sonital Ad Network CPM rates and ReviewSonital Ad Network CPM rates and Review

Sonital is a best CPM Ad Network that pays based on quality traffic. They have good eCPM rates and the CPM rates depend on the website content and traffic quality. They have decent eCPM rates for Google and other search engine traffic. They have 100% fill rate. They have Real time Reporting.


Sonital ad network review - sonital ad network cpm rates - best cpm for low traffic sites - cpm with detailed reports - legit payment proofs

 Rating :   7.1/10

 Network Name


 Network Type


 Minimum Threshold 


Payment Mode


Payment Method


Average US CPM rates

  $0.25- $0.35

Average International CPM rates

  $0.10- $0.11

 Payment Proof


 Alexa Rank


Network Trust




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