Billboard Interactive review and cpm rates

Billboard Interactive CPM Network Review and CPM Rates

Billboard interactive review - CPM rates and review - cpm for blogger - sites with no requirements - Best CPM sites

Billboard Interactive is a new CPM/CPC Ad network that provide publishers with good eCPM Rates and Click Rates. Since the network is new to the world their eCPM rates may differ. The minimum Payout is $10. Reports will be available soon.....

  • Ads contains Malware.. may slow your site
  • eCPM rates are very good 
  • No payment proof and delay in payments. 
  • Bad customer support
  • Very slow loading of banners
Note : if you are Billboard interactive representative please contact us.

 Rating :   FAKE/10

 Network Name

Billboard Interactive

  Network Type


 Minimum Threshold 

$10 (Paypal) - $500 (Wire transfer)

Payment Mode

 Paypal, Wire transfer

Payment Method


Average US CPM rates


Average International CPM rates


 Payment Proof


 Alexa Rank


Network Trust





  1. I just recently started off with a website with my friends. I needed some help to optimize my revenue. As we’ve just started off, I know that the income is going to be really low. But all I wanted to know what are the good practices or ways to optimize the CPM ads on my website. I wanted to know things like:1) What category of website earns the most out of a CPM ad agency? 2) How many ads per page gives the best outcome? Is it best to have 1 ad per page from 1 ad agency or many ads per page from the same ad agency? Or is it better to have 1 ad from 1 ad agency and work with many ad agencies like that? 3)What size of banner makes the most money? Also, what are the best possible placements of ads on a page? 4)Usually which country’s traffic fetches maximum earnings?

    I’ll be extremely grateful to receive a reply to this. This will help me a lot.

    1. Best practice to earn high cpm rates is first of all to join a network that have high fill rate.high fill rate means more impression will be counted and have a good cpm...but also,the network have high cpm they have low fill rate and low cpm but higher fill choosing network i little bit in my opinion choose network that have high fill rate but average cpm rate.

      If you want to earn more out of your ONE blog then choose a blog that covers most of topics.
      dnt be specific...wright posts on common topics of your favorite that we face in general life.
      Credit cards, mortgages, loans, finance, digital cameras, mobile phones, gaming and movies related topics are most popular.

      Most of ad network prefers 3 ads per page( not 4 ad network means 4x3=12) because it makes your blog look clean and faster loading and big ad format performs well because advertisers want more attention of site visitors so they want big space and hence there will be a competition between advertisers so the advertiser will bid higher will get the place hence the higher cpm if you are putting (300*250)x2 put single wide skyscraper you can put a leader board below to the post..

      Place ads in visible area like top and >top right side bar< and top left side bar performs well logic is same mentioned above...some time you have to do experiments...
      All the best...:)



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