How to stop auto liker using your facebook account

How to stop auto liker using your facebook account The most funny thing. People these days wants likes to their profile pictures which brings several problems regarding this. Most of the Facebook users using auto liker tools like mgi, hubla and many other. These networks uses your login information and stores in their data base.

What is Auto page liker:

Auto page liker is a tool which forcefully allows you to like others profile picture. This may happen without user permission.

How it works;
Auto liker never works until you first use it.  You allow the application in your account. and then the software now asks you for access tokens, where the actually technique lies. they say to copy the URL which actually is your email and password details. Simple you call it as bypassing phishing technique.

Problems faced with auto liker
There will no problem with auto liker if the content is good. but the problem begins if the content it likes is irrelevant or erotic. Sometimes it may like profile pics of users whom we do not know.

Techniques to Remove or stop auto liker:

Here are the 3 Simple Tips that will prevent your account from auto liking:

1. Change your Password:
    Changing your password will let the apps forcefully secure your account from liking others pics or etc., To do this change your password which will surely stop auto liking.

Note : Remember after changing the password do not forget to click on button " Logout from all Devices" Which is most important.

2. Removing the Application from Settings:
     This is also one of the most powerful and very easy method to stop auto liking. I have already said the auto liker works only if we allow the app in our account. Now remove the app from your account. Most probably these apps are secured with different names like blackberry,skype, iphone, samsung.. Now immediately remove them.

How to do this :

Go to Settings>> Apps>> Show all apps. Now look up carefully for the apps that looks you feel anonymous.

That's now you are safe.


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