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CPM stands for Cost Per Mile. A CPM is defined as 1000 ads impressions i.e., when an advertisment loads 1000 times in a site. A CPM basic model does not need any clicks. Advertiser spends his amount for making advertisment viewable on sites.

Best CPM ad NetworksCPM for Publishers:

CPM plays best role for publishers. A publisher can earn huge amount by just displaying advertisers advertisement where he need not bother for Clicks or Leads.

How to calculate CPM:

A CPM can be calculated using this method

CPM = no of ad slots X pageviews.
suppose if ad slots are 2 and pageviews are 1000 then.  2x1000 = 2000 impressions.

Publishers earns per 1000 impressions. suppose if CPM is $0.5 then 2000 impressions is 0.5x2 = $1 .

Now here are the best CPM Networks for Publishers

1. Adsense

2. Adversal

3. Bidvertiser

4. Tribal fusion

5. Casale Media

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