Using heading tags to optimize site SEO

Heading tags

How to use headings in Blogger
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In my previous creative ( How to write a blog post ) I have slightly explained about using headings. In this creative I will give complete information how to use headings and why to use headings..

What are headings..

A heading is usually a title or main reference in a post. headings plays an important role in blogger and wordpress.  Usually a heading can be a H1 to H6 tags.

What are H1 to H6 tags :

H1 usually said to be main heading1 which refers the main title of the website. H1 tag is used to give the title to the website.

H2 is said to be heading. this tag is used as the title for the post in blogger. by default blogger uses the post title in H2 tag for search engine optimize.

H3 is said to be sub heading tag is used as the side heading in a blogger post which helps search engines to understand the main content in the post.

H4 ,H5, H6 are said to be minor headings plays in using keywords or simple a reference in post.

Why to use Headings :

Without heading there is no post. headings plays important role for search engines to crawl the main content in the website and display them in search engines. Search engines prefer to crawl H1 and H2 tags . h3 to h6 helps in understanding your page content and niche rather than looking the normal text.

How an heading looks and how to use them

simply an heading looks like a large font as shown in below

Using headings to optimize site SEO

writing a heading is very easy. simply go to NEW POST in Blogger look for HTML.
 now type

this is called heading H1

ths is called heading H2

this is called heading H3

this is called heading H4

 ... and so on..

thats it.. you have got some information using headings.... Comment me below guys


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