#1 How to write a highly optimized blog post to increase SERP

How to write a blogger post
 - lessons for beginners - blog post for SEO - tips for writing a blog post

how to write a blog post

Being a blogger is not enough. You cannot write a blog post just like writing something on a scratch pad. Blogger have some rules while write a blog post. Today in this tutorial i will explain how to write a blog post and what are the important instructions we have to follow.

Is blog post  important :

Yup!! Without a post there is no blog. Having 1000 s of posts in the blog is not enough but the way of writing a blog is most necessary.

#1 Beginning of the post:

To get started with your new post you can click on new post in blogger or any other platform like WordPress..

important things you have to follow while writing a blog post:

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Title : 

Title is most important thing you have to use. A title can be between 20 to 80 characters in length which is best practiced for SEO. Do not use question marks or a special character in the title page.


Remember you shouldn't write a paragraph according to your wish. you have to follow some instructions. like giving a heading.. Font.. Color and alignment.

Headings :

 Heading is a tool which explains the main line of the blog post. Usually a heading can be a h1 to h6 tags. Mostly a blog title will uses a H1 tag. by default blogger post will use title tag in H2 format but you can later change it to H1 ( which i will explain in my next creative )

Links : 

Links are the best practice for a blogger to help users to navigate and find the relevant information. You can use link section in blogger post. When you are using to point the link to your blog post you can make it dofollow which are called as internal links. if you are pointing the link outside of your blog, it is better to use nofollow link which are called as external links.

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 Images are the best way to convey your post and it will also play an important role in attracting a visitor. The best practice way to use image is JPEG and try to avoid using PNG which may increase your page size and may result in slow loading.


 A break is used to make a blog post look professional and easy to navigate visitors. A break follow with a read more link which helps in increase of page views which the same trick am using.


 labeling is more important. A label is used to collect all the related posts and articles at a particular place which helps visitors to know what kind of posts are there in your blog which helps to increase blog traffic.


A permalink is the address of your blog post or simply your blog url. Blogger automatically uses the permalink for your blog or you can create your own by using custom link.
A permalink should not contain any stop words.

Search description 

 A search description is a best practice for SEO which helps robot spiders to crawl from your site. A description can be between 10 to 160 words which is best practice for meta tag analysis.

Link to optimise SEO

Adding links can help search engines to optimize the keywords and increase visibility. Add internal links ( are links that points to your own website ). Adding external links also treated to be good. Adding external link from quality blog can also increase your search rankings.

Tips : 

  • Use small images which helps to increase page speed
  • Do not repeat the same sentence in a blog post
  • Use plagrithm or article writer a blog post which helps to write a give unique content
  • do not copy post from other blogs or websites. it may hurt your site SEO


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