What are dofollow and nofollow links

Dofollow links

In my previous post about writing a blog post I have already gave a brief explanation about links.. Here what I explained. In this creative i will explain how to add links in your blog post and why are they important.

Links : 

Links are the best practice for a blogger to help users to navigate and find the relevant information. You can use link section in blogger post. When you are using to point the link to your blog post you can make it dofollow which are called as internal links. if you are pointing the link outside of your blog, it is better to use nofollow link which are called as external links.

Why are links very important :

When a visitor look up your blog for certain information. he may also like to find something new, where these links plays a very important role. Giving links in between the posts boosts your page views and also easy for visitors to navigate what they are looking for.

Links for SEO :

Yup!! Not only this. Links are also a juice for SEO simply called rich snippet which appears in search pages. Search engine spiders like google, bing. will not only look for the article, keywords but also look at the links which are called deep links. Google display the important links below the description in search engine if find useful.

Adding Links in blogger post:

Well let me begin to guide you how to add these links in your blog post.  you dont need to be advanced it very easy. Just look up for the blue color Link. as show below

blogger links

while adding a link you must know whether your adding to your inner pages or refering some other blog post. if you want to navigate users to other webpages it is adviced to tick rel =nofollow.
tick if you want to open the link in a new window or you may leave blank if you want to redirect the link in your own tab.

Permalinks :

 Permalinks are the URL links which are the address source for your blog post. Mostly blogger permalinks end with .html which the source of refering a navigation. blogger plays a good role in doing with permalinks. you can allow blogger to decide the links or you can type your own permalink using custom link tool. [[ as shown in below]]

adding permalinks and custom links

Enclosure links :

These links are advanced links which helps to give a referring page to your blog post. it can help user to navigate through related post just by clicking the post title.

Adding these enclosure links :

Before you can add these links you need to first enable these links. To do that just go to settings >> basic>> look for enclosure links and enable mark as yes. and come back to blog post you can find the enclosure links. add title link without using http:// ref.. 


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