# Five most important factors to increase SERP

How to boost google SERP

So guys here am back with one of the most important article. This article will help you to increase SERP (search results in Search engines likes Google.

What is SERP?

SERP means Search Engine Result Pages, means the position of your article in google result pages.

How to increase SERP?

Here I will give some important factors that help to boost SERP.

#1 Writing a Good Article.

Why should google display your article. Google loves clean, unique and good article. Write an article which is unqiue and not copied from any other websites. Write article with atleast 500 words because Google loves long articles.

#2 Using good Keywords.

Keywords are the major points in article that displays on search engines. If you are new blogger focus on long tail keywords rather than running behind competitive keywords.

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#3 Regular planning with Webmaster tools.

Without webmaster tools it is impossible to expect google to crawl your pages. If you are new to SEO, I recommend you to use google webmasters which will help to increase your search results.

#4 Use Mobile Friendly and responsive site

This is one of the important factor. Check if your site is SEO friendly and mobile friendly. If your site is not mobile friendly google may neglect your site. If you are new webmaster, do not use ads on your site for atleast 6 months, concentrate on quality content. You a clean template to your blog.

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#5 Build Backlinks.

Backlinks are the most important and backbone to blog. Increase your site backlinks, help readers on forums, comment on other blogs and link back your site. This will Boost your SERP.

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